Letter Reveals Double Grief of Jackie Kennedy

A LETTER in which the widow of assassinated US President John F Kennedy poured out her “unutterable” heartbreak when her brother-in-law Robert was also shot is for sale for £12,000. Six weeks after the senator was killed, former First Lady JackieExpress newspaper front page wrote to a French friend to thank her for her letter of condolence.

And she described how Robert’s death brought anguished memories flooding back about JFK’s murder five years earlier.

President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. Robert Kennedy was shot dead in a hotel in Los Angeles on June 6, 1968.

The three-page letter dated July 16, 1968, was written to Vicomtesse Jeanne-Marie De La Rochefoucauld, whom she had known since her youth.

It reads: “I was so touched by your letter. You feel so strongly all the unutterable things, I suppose the world does, but it affects me very much coming from you.

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