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Signed Color Postcard of his work Salut les copains

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SPOERRI, DANIEL. (b.1930). Romanian-Swiss artist. Signed image. (“Daniel Spoerri”). 1p. Postcard. N.p., N.d. A color postcard of his work Salut les copains, signed vertically in the margin.

Born Daniel Isaac Feinstein in Romania, Spoerri took his mother’s maiden name after his father was murdered in the holocaust and he was adopted by his maternal uncle in Switzerland. During the 1950s, first as a dancer and then staging several avant-garde plays, Spoerri became acquainted with a number of prominent Surrealist and Fluxus artists. In 1959, he dealt in the sale of what he dubbed “multiples,” copies of three-dimensional artwork by Marcel Duchamp, Jean Tinguely, Man Ray, and others. The following year he began creating his “snare pictures” in which he affixes objects to a board which is then hung vertically, often capturing the remnants of a meal, and creating “an equation of our sensual, vital, untidy, dirty world, and […] a quest for evidence of what Spoerri had described as ‘one split second in an entire cycle of life and death, decay and rebirth,’” (Art of the 20th Century, Ruhrberg, Schneckenburger, Fricke, and Honnef). Among his best-known works is his pamphlet Topographie Anécdotée. Spoerri is closely associated with Fluxus and New Realism, signing the latter’s 1960 manifesto.  

An uncommon autograph, and in fine condition.

Signed Color Postcard of his work Salut les copains

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