The 50 Greatest Love Letters of All Time

In 2000, Lion Heart Autographs’ owner, David H. Lowenherz, began work on a series of books that brought together famous and important letters organized by theme.

The first book, The 50 Greatest Love Letters of All Time, published by Crown, a division of Random House, received enormous attention and praise upon its January 2002 release and went, almost immediately, into a second, third, and then a fourth printing. It has also been published in Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Romania, and China. This lovely, illustrated, hardcover edition is a fascinating compendium of love letters written by famous personalities over the past 500 years including Michelangelo, Beethoven, Harry Truman, Jack London, and Virginia Woolf.

In conjunction with the book’s release, David lectured to a sold-out audience at New York City’s 92nd Street Y, appeared on the BBC’s World Service, was interviewed 12 times, coast-to-coast, on Canadian radio, and on many U.S. radio stations including WNYC’s The Next Big Thing. Selections from this book were used in the movie Sex and the City.

David continued to speak on the subject of love letters and autograph collecting while completing his second book of the series, The 50 Greatest Letters from America’s Wars, published by Crown in December 2002.

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Praise for The 50 Greatest Love Letters of All Time

“Dipping into the collection…will be inspiring for those who seek to command the attention of their loved ones” — Publishers Weekly

“[The letters] provide an intimate glimpse into the lives of well-known men and women. Recommended for public libraries.” — Library Journal

 “… a lively new collection” — Esquire Magazine

“The title may be a bit too hyperbolic, but there is no denying the worth of The Fifty Greatest Love Letters of All Time…and there’s nothing like reading other people’s mail.” — J. M. Eberhart, The Kansas City Star

 “Lowenherz’s choices — from Henry VIII to George Custer — are passionate and poignant, and there isn’t an e-mail among them.” — People Magazine

 “[These] declarations of love provide insight into the hearts of these prominent people, who wrote their tender words probably certain that no one but their intended recipients would ever read them.” — Ron Berthel, Associated Press

 “[The book] is as compulsive, and sometimes as naughty, as reading other people’s mail.” — Marc Horton, The Edmonton Journal

“Enormously entertaining” — Nan Goldberg, Newark Star-Ledger

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The 50 Greatest Letters from America’s Wars

A touching and inspirational tribute to the human spirit, The 50 Greatest Letters from America’s Wars reveals our nation’s struggles and triumphs in soldiers’ letters from the Revolution to the operations in Afghanistan. The 50 Greatest Letters from America’s Wars is more than just a collection of letters recounting the experiences of servicemen and servicewomen. Simply written, they speak with power and eloquence about the human face of history. From members of the Continental Army to today’s Special Forces, the authors of these letters are frontline soldiers, nurses, prisoners of war, spies, and generals — a cross section of the men and women who fought, and sometimes died, in our nation’s wars. It tells the stories in the first person of their families, friends, and sweethearts. Inspiring and intriguing, this book is filled with the voices of ordinary heroes, voices that speak of courage, love of country and family, and sacrifice in the name of freedom.

Praise for The 50 Greatest Letters from America’s Wars

“What do people say in time of war? Husbands to wives? Mothers to sons? Sons to parents? Presidents to generals? David H. Lowenherz asked these questions, and his answer is The 50 Greatest Letters from America’s Wars (Crown). Here, Lincoln defends his Emancipation Proclamation, freeing the South’s slaves; and Capt. Rodney Chastant of Mobile, Ala., in Vietnam, thanks his parents for letters recounting “trivial events” back home that helped him forget the war for a moment. Most messages from today’s war zones come via e-mail, but we suspect the feelings are the same.” — Parade Magazine (November 3, 2002).

Lowenherz has collected letters written by politicians, soldiers, and civilians in all American wars from the Revolution to Afghanistan. He has chosen well. A letter from Abraham Lincoln defends his Emancipation Proclamation, General Sherman defends the evacuation of Atlanta, and even John F. Kennedy’s famous carved message on a coconut is included. This excellent sampling is recommended for all public libraries. — Library Journal

The 50 Greatest Letters from America’s Wars is featured in the “Ten most remarkable things in culture this month” section of Esquire magazine (December 2002).

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ROBERT FROST: Letters, Manuscripts, and Inscribed Books by Robert Frost from the Collection of David H. Lowenherz

In 1999, New York’s Grolier Club celebrated the 125th anniversary of Robert Frost’s birth with an exhibition featuring numerous items from the collection of Lion Heart Autographs’ owner David H. Lowenherz. The 99-page hardcover exhibition catalogue, describing over 200 items, contains 13 duotone illustrations of books, poems and letters, with over a dozen important letters published here for the first time. Loosely inserted in a three-part-flap pocket at the back of the book are three prints by Thomas Nason, Leonard Baskin and Antonio Frasconi.

The letter-press edition is limited to 500 numbered copies signed by the author and is available through Lion Heart Autographs for $95 plus shipping and handling.

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