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Uncommon Autograph Letter of French Artist, Georges Rouault

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ROUAULT, GEORGES. (1871-1958). French painter, pupil of Gustave Moreau; associated with the Fauve school. APCS. (“GR” and “G Rouault” on the sender portion of the postcard’s recto). 1p. Postcard. Paris, (July 24, 1943?). To Jacques Betz, possibly French author, bibliographer and historian JACQUES BETZ (1912-1988). In French with translation.

“It is painful indeed to be in such a hurry… being away, but tell your cousin that I only received your letter of July 19 today – I hope you are back – today Saturday 24 I am doing what is necessary to send you the package by the day after tomorrow at the latest – but I see things so delicate, so difficult fortunately half can go and my daughter is here – to copy 4 pages entirely, otherwise I would not be able – and she’s not always there. Fortunately, here in Paris it does not take long, therefore Monday or Tuesday we will send you by registered mail the requested photos and all texts. You can send a card to your cousin to reassure him, but I repeat that my daughter will be there and while I am reviewing a dozen pages most of which can go she is typing the others – I am not taking the time to let him know of it, please be kind enough to do so. Please dear Mr. Betze [sic.] GR.

Georges Rouault's painting Twilight

Georges Rouault’s Twilight

I leave you, thanking you very much – obviously it is SUF 98 70 for your home and ANJOU 61 26 / 43 boulevard Haussmann Comité Meunerie? Thank you for these precious indications – I see from your letter that you understand the embarrassment in which I find myself because these are not ordinary texts. Luckily more than half will go with some corrections and my daughter is here to legibly type out what I was forced to redo – completely and which are very inferior to the first part well, this is a diurnal and nocturnal Sunday of penance – please have the kindness to tell your cousin in the card that he needs above all to return to me all the old drafts he used to have them typed, because with the troubles that I am having at the moment he will return everything at the same time as he will the photos, otherwise I could be in big trouble right now. Thank you, again.”

In his youth, Rouault was apprenticed to a glass painter and restorer and later attended the School of Fine Arts and the École des Beaux-Arts, studying at the latter under Symbolist painter Gustave Moreau with whom he formed a close relationship. Influenced by Moreau’s symbolism and his own work in glass painting, Rouault developed a unique style, characterized by heavy black lines contrasted with color. Rouault became curator of the Moreau Museum after Moreau’s death, but his devastation at the loss of his friend and mentor combined with his conversion to Catholicism led to the abandonment of Symbolism and the creation of an emotional Expressionist style, often featuring religious subjects. In 1895, Rouault helped organize the Salon d’Automne and began a close relationship with Henri Matisse and Fauvism. Primarily a painter, Rouault was also an accomplished printmaker. Our letter regards the correction of drafts, possibly for his 1943 limited edition book, Divertissement, published in Paris by Tériade that included texts and color lithographs of performers.

Betz is the author of several works on the history of art and architecture including the 1954 book Bartholdi. On the address panel, Rouault has added, “Please wait for Mr. Bertz’s [sic] return; do not forward.

Normal staining and wear. Darkly written and in very fine condition.

Uncommon Autograph Letter of French Artist, Georges Rouault

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