Uncommon ALS plus a Second Signature on the Envelope

Signed by Joan Miro

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MIRO, JOAN. (1893-1983). Catalan surrealist artist. ALS. (“Miro”). 2pp. 8vo. Paris, June 18, 1950. On letterhead of the Paris’ Pont-Royal Hotel. To Cuban lawyer, art critic and founding director of the Art Museum of the Americas JOSÉ GÓMEZ-SICRE (1916-1991). In Spanish with translation.

“My distinguished friend, I received your letter. I will be in Paris until June 30, then I will leave for Spain to rest a bit.

Since I will go to the country and travel a bit, I don’t think it would be very prudent for you to send me the copy there for me to sign it for you and return it to you afterwards.

Since I cannot get it in time in Paris, it would be preferable that you send it to the Galerie Maeght, telling them that they should hold on to it until I return so that I can sign it when I return to New York next year.

With an affectionate greetings…”

A native of Barcelona, Miro was inspired by Fauvism and Impressionism to create his distinctive Surrealist works, which earned him international renown. His first solo exhibition was in 1918 and by the 1920s he was at the heart of the Surrealist movement, associating and collaborating with Max Ernst, André Breton and Fernand Mourlot. During the 1940s, Miro began his relationship with French art dealer Aime Maeght, an association which would become both a close friendship and an influential working collaboration.

Beginning in 1946 and over the course of the next 50 years, Gómez-Sicre promoted the work of Latin American artists through the Pan-American Union (later the Organization of American States). In 1976, he was instrumental in the institution’s founding of Washington, DC’s Art Museum of the Americas, of which he became director. Additionally, he authored numerous books, articles and film scripts on the subject of Latin American art. Flamboyantly signed in in Miro’s characteristic hand. Normal folding with a staple hole in the upper left corner; in excellent condition. With the original envelope (stamp removed) bearing an additional, full signature (“Joan Miró”).

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