Signed Document Authorizing the Sale of Spanish Language Rights to “Tonio Kroeger” and “Mario und der Zauberer”

Signed by Thomas Mann

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MANN, THOMAS. (1875-1955). German novelist and essayist whose works include the autobiographical novel Buddenbrooks, as well as Death in Venice and The Magic Mountain; Mann won the 1929 Nobel Prize for Literature. DS. (“Thomas Mann”). 1p. Tall 4to. N.p. [New York?], November 4, 1944. A typed carbon copy of a contract between Mann, represented by the Franz J. Horch agency, and Agencia Literaria “Dona Carlota” of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the Brazilian publisher Irmaos Pongetti Editores, for the Spanish language rights of his novellas Tonio Kroeger and Mario und der Zauberer.

Thomas Mann

In 1903, at the age of 25, Mann published his autobiographical first novel, Tonio Kröger, an exploration of the importance of art, often regarded as a companion to his more famous Death in Venice. Mann’s 1929 novella, Mario and the Magician, openly critical of fascism, contributed to his exile to Switzerland in 1933, following Hitler’s ascendancy.

Mann was born to a middle-class German father and a Brazilian mother and, after completing his education in Munich, began working in the insurance industry. He published his first story, “Little Mr. Friedemann” in 1898, and for the next decade he continued to write short stories and novellas, including his autobiographical novel Buddenbrooks in 1901 and his well-known 1912 novella Death in Venice. Also, in 1912, his spent several months in a sanitarium in Davos, Switzerland, and Mann’s visits inspired his novel, The Magic Mountain, published in 1924 and considered one of the 20th century most influential wife works. Set in the years leading up to World War One, The Magic Mountain “chillingly foresaw the disintegrating faith in reason and the corresponding surrender to the irrational that only a few years later produced Adolf Hitler and caused Mann’s own books to be burned in Germany,” (“Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain, The vitality of big ideas,” The American Scholar, Bordewich).

Horch (1901-1951) was an Austrian-born, American literary agent for many exiled writers, including Thomas Mann’s brother, Heinrich, and his son, Klaus.

Typed on onion skin contract paper and signed by Mann in bright green ink. Some minor chipping to the upper left corner.

Signed Document Authorizing the Sale of Spanish Language Rights to “Tonio Kroeger” and “Mario und der Zauberer”

Signed by Thomas Mann

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