Jung TLS Commenting on his Concept of Synchronicity

Signed by Carl Jung

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JUNG, CARL. (1875-1961). Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist. TLS. (“C.G. Jung”). 1p. Oblong 8vo. Küsnacht-Zürich, June 4, 1955. To Ellen Wiese.

“Thank you for telling me about your interesting synchronistic experiences! People having the ‘correct’ attitude know them as fairly frequent occurrences. They make life rather interesting…” 

Though initially close to Freud, Jung broke away from the famous founder of psychoanalysis and pursued his own brand of analytic psychology, which incorporated elements of mysticism, eastern philosophy and sociology. Jung laid out his theories on the relationship between the conscious and unconscious and explained his famous classification of personality types in his 1921 work, Psychological Types. He continued to develop his ideas about the unconscious, distinguishing between an individual and the group, or “collective unconscious,” in which archetypes recur in mythology, art and symbols. Jung’s philosophy was very much influenced by his interest in eastern religion, a topic on which he wrote frequently. Jung’s contributions to the field of dynamic psychology gained widespread admiration after his death, not only in psychology circles, but in the areas of religion, art, history, and literature as well.

Our letter pertains to Jung’s concept of synchronicity which he described as “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events” or “meaningful coincidences.” Although he began to develop the idea as early as the 1920s, it was only with his 1951 Swiss Eranos lecture that he publicly described it. He went on to publish the paper “Synchronizität als ein Prinzip akausaler Zusammenhänge” in 1952, was published ad Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle in 1960.

Folded and in very fine condition; the original envelope is present.

BBC Interview with Carl Jung, 1959

Jung TLS Commenting on his Concept of Synchronicity

Signed by Carl Jung

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