The Future First Lady Writes to a Friend about the Death of her Father

Signed by Jacqueline Kennedy

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KENNEDY, JACQUELINE. (1929-1994). First lady; wife of John F. Kennedy, thirty-fifth president of the United States. ALS. (“Jackie”). 1½pp. 8vo. N.p., N.d. [1957]. On black-bordered stationery. To “Rosie,” (ROSEMARY VANDERBILT WARBURTON CHISHOLM, 1920-1974).

It was so very thoughtful of you to send me a telegram as soon as you had heard of Daddy’s death. I was really terribly touched – having never lost anyone close before – I didn’t realize what a comfort it is to hear from your friends – especially right afterwards, for that is when you are still the most stunned. So I want to thank you more than I can say – and tell you how much I appreciated it. Love…

After earning the title “debutante of the year,” Jackie studied at Vassar, the Sorbonne and George Washington University. Her education was followed by employment as the Washington Times-Herald’s “Inquiring Camera Girl.” It was in this capacity in May 1951 that she first met Senator John F. Kennedy from Massachusetts, considered to be Washington’s most eligible bachelor. They were engaged in June 1953 and the wedding three months later marked the beginning of the public’s fascination with the couple.

Jackie with her father John Vernou Bouvier III


The year 1957 was one of highs and lows for the Kennedys. JFK’s book, Profiles in Courage, won the 1957 Pulitzer Prize and following a devastating miscarriage in August, 1956, their first child, Caroline, was born in November. That same year, in August, the future first lady lost her father, John Vernou “Black Jack” Bouvier III (1891-1957), for whom she was named. A wealthy stockbroker and playboy, Bouvier had divorced Jackie’s mother in 1940, but remained close to his daughters who adored him and emulated his stylish ways.

The recipient of our letter was an heiress, philanthropist and prominent member of society who divided her time between homes in the United State and France. Her second husband, Hugh J. Chisholm Jr., was a poet and translator.

Our letter, printed in Jackie’s neat hand, is in excellent condition.

The Future First Lady Writes to a Friend about the Death of her Father

Signed by Jacqueline Kennedy

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