Italian Artist Marino Marini Comes to New York for a Gallery Opening

Signed by Marino Marini

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MARINI, MARINO. (1907-1980). Italian sculptor known for his equestrian sculptures and paintings. TLS. (“Marino Marini”). 1p. 4to. Milan, November 26, 1949. (To Cuban lawyer, art critic and founding director of the Art Museum of the Americas JOSÉ GÓMEZ-SICRE, 1916-1991.) In Italian with translation.

“I appreciate your letter of 7 November very much. I also have the photos and I thank you enormously for your kindness.

At the beginning of February I will be in New York for my exposition at the Buchholz. I would be very happy to meet you and I hope that I will be given the opportunity to make a visit to Washington.

I send you the best and warmest greetings…”

Influenced by Etruscan art, Marini perfected his own unique style of sculpture, frequently depicting a horse and rider. Although he held several faculty positions in Milan, he traveled in international artistic circles. In 1944, his work was included in the Museum of Modern Art’s exhibit Twentieth-Century Italian Art. In 1950, he began exhibiting at Curt Valentin’s Buchholz Gallery, which specialized in art deemed degenerate by the Nazis and operated in New York until Valentin’s early death in 1954. During Marini’s trip to New York, the subject of our letter, he met artists Jean Arp, Alexander Calder, Lyonel Feininger, and Jacques Lipchitz. Marini’s work is in the collections of Washington’s Hirschhorn Museum, Tate Collection, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, and The Hague.

Beginning in 1946 and over the course of the next 50 years, Gómez-Sicre promoted the work of Latin American artists through the Pan-American Union (later the Organization of American States). In 1976, he was instrumental in the institution’s founding of Washington, D.C.’s Art Museum of the Americas, of which he became director. Additionally, he authored numerous books, articles and film scripts on the subject of Latin American art.

Folded and creased with an ink date stamp of the Division of Music and Visual Arts in the upper right corner. In very good condition.

Italian Artist Marino Marini Comes to New York for a Gallery Opening

Signed by Marino Marini

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