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Signed by Hans Bellmer

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BELLMER, HANS. (1902-1975). German Surrealist artist known for his life-sized pubescent female dolls. ALS. (“Hans Bellmer”). 1p. 4to. N.p., May 7, 1950. To a male friend and in French with a translation.

“A thousand worries and my never-ending work have kept me from replying by return mail, to thank you for your letter and your money order of 10,000 francs. I am happy that this painting which has intrigued so many people will end up in appreciative and knowing hands, in the sense as we understand it – But you haven’t told me yet how to go about it! The fact is that the date for my exhibition at Blanche van Parys is being moved back according to when my album of lithos will be finished. This could be delayed even up to the month of January. Do you want me to send you the painting that you will put at my disposition in two months, together with the one that Brun will lend to us?

 I will send you today or tomorrow morning a tube containing the litho that you want and a draft of a litho I am working on for that “Album of 10 lithos in two colors.” – The price of the litho (from the start of this year) is 3,000. The friendship price for you as well as for my other friends is 2,000. – As for the Album of lithos, I am enclosing three lists in this letter. The prices apply only to subscriptions; they will be increased to 10,000 and 16,000, I think…”

Bellmer’s La Poupée [“The Doll”], 1934

An untitled Bellmer lithograph

Bellmer began his career in advertising, but beginning in 1933, inspired by Oskar Kokoschka and Jacques Offenbach’s Tales of Hoffman (about a man falling in love with an automaton), Bellmer started to create grotesque dolls to protest the Nazi Party’s ideal of an Aryan master race. For the photographs of his ball-jointed and sexualized, deformed or mutilated dolls, he was denounced as a degenerate artist by the Nazis. Bellmer fled to France where he joined both the flourishing community of French Surrealists as well as the French Resistance, for whom he produced fake passports. Although briefly imprisoned during the war, he spent the rest of his life in Paris. His work evolved from photographs of his famous dolls to erotic and sexually explicit drawings, etchings, lithographs, and photographs, especially those depicting his companion, artist Unica Zürn.

Blanche van Parys (1916-1985) was a painter and costume designer and the wife of prolific French composer Georges van Parys. In 1950, she hosted the exhibition “La Fenêtre de Paris – Le Monde imaginaire,” which featured surrealist artists Leonor Fini, Max Ernst, Stanislao Lepri, and Paul Delvaux.

Written in his miniscule, yet elegant hand on brown paper. Folded into quarters with some light wear; in fine condition and uncommon.

Fine Art-Content ALS

Signed by Hans Bellmer

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