“I shall then be able to see the portfolios which you have sent to the Curwen Press”

Signed by Henry Moore

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MOORE, HENRY. (1898-1986). English artist best known for his monumental sculptures. ALS. (“Henry Moore”). 1½pp. 4to. Forte dei Marmi, August 14, 1973. On his Forte dei Marmi stationery to Italian author and art publisher GUALTIERI DI SAN LAZZARO (1904-1974)

I hope that by now you are nearly fully recovered from your illness, & that in consequence of your operation you will be in better health than before.

My wife & I both send you our warmest regards & all the very best wishes.

We are enjoying the good weather in Forte dei Marmi, & we are sorry you are not here as well.

But this year we are returning to England earlier than usual, (that is, at the end of this month on August 30th) & so I shall then be able to see the portfolios which you have sent to the Curwen Press… I am of course very interested to see them, & how they look now finished.

Please get your assistant to write to me to tell me the latest news about your health…”

The special 1972 issue of XXe Siècle, “Homage to Henry Moore”

Though influenced by classical sculpture Moore, from the beginning of his career, created non-traditional works that were initially rejected by the mainstream art world. In the late 1920s, his abstract sculpture gained recognition and he was awarded commissions, gallery shows and a teaching post. During the late 1950s Moore began to concentrate on larger works designed to be viewed outdoors and for which he became known around the world. One such example is Moore’s sculpture Lincoln Center Reclining Figure, commissioned in 1963 and installed in the reflecting pool between New York’s Vivian Beaumont Theater and Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center.

Italian writer Gualtieri di San Lazzaro established his own publishing house, Editions des Chroniques du Jour, in Paris during the 1920s and published a series of artists’ monographs. His illustrated periodical XXe Siècle was known for its high quality reproductions and featured such artists as Hans Arp, Wassily Kandinsky, Giorgio de Chirico, and Joan Miró. A 1971 issue included an original lithograph by Moore and a special 1972 issue, “Homage to Henry Moore,” was devoted to the artist.

The Curwen Press was founded in 1863 as an English music publisher. But during the 20th century, the founder’s grandson, Harold Curwen, concentrated on British printing, graphic arts and design and published books, posters and other ephemera. Although Moore is remembered for his sculpture, he held a lifelong interest in printmaking as well as a relationship with the Curwen Press where he developed innovative new lithographic printing techniques. Lithographs produced by Curwen were published in San Lazzaro’s XXe Siècle, and, in 1975, Curwen printed Moore’s limited edition lithograph Homage to San Lazzaro.

Our letter is written while Moore was spending the summer in the fashionable Tuscan coastal town of Forte dei Marmi, whose other famous seasonal residents included Thomas Mann, Aldous Huxley, and Guglielmo Marconi.

Written in Moore’s characteristic blue ink. Folded and in very fine condition. Uncommon in ALS.

Henry Moore (R) with the director of the Curwen Press, Stanley Jones

Moore’s lithograph Homage to San Lazzaro printed by Curwen Press

“I shall then be able to see the portfolios which you have sent to the Curwen Press”

Signed by Henry Moore

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