In Good Taste Blog: The Secret to Collecting Presidential Autographs

During this time of heated debates, political controversies, and an all-around sense of anxiety amoBlog post about collecting autographsng the U.S. electorate, some of us might feel the urge to explore historic, fascinating presidential artifacts. Others may even feel inspired to start or add to an autograph collection, and honor those who have once dealt with the pressures and expectations that come with their very important role.

“There are autographs, and there are autographs,” says David Lowenherz, president of Lion Heart Autographs. For Lowenherz, who started his business as a dealer in 1977, the latter are autographs of great historical importance – not by Hollywood or sports figures, but by those who have greatly influenced and transformed art, history, literature, music, and science all over the globe.

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