Auction Therapy

Those distressed by the endless election can take refuge in history. Lion Heart Autographs, an auction house, will put presidential memorabilia, vintage autographs and manuscripts on the auction block with flair on Wednesday. The many items include a lengthy and moving fragment from the first draft of George Washington’s inauguration address, an 1864 telegram sent by Ulysses S. Grant, a typewritten letter from Theodore Roosevelt and notes in John F. Kennedy’s hand addressing his campaign slogan, “The New Frontier.”


“The auction provides a history lesson that illuminates the exuberance and activism of those who influenced and fashioned our national politics and pays tribute to our founding fathers,” organizers advise, calling the selection “a tribute to the democratic ideals of the United States.”


Well, that’s refreshing. Find information at Bidding gets underway at 1 p.m. EST at

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